5 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Website


  1. More than half of U.S. consumers own a smartphone
  2. Mobile users expect a simplified (and a quick loading) browsing experience
  3. Mobile traffic is exploding
  4. Visitors are using mobile devices to plan trips as well as using them at their destination
  5. A great mobile website can eliminate the need to create separate mobile apps for multiple mobile platforms

The fastest growing communications channel in history
Consumers are using their smartphones for everything (information, news, entertainment, shopping, research, purchasing decisions, finding local areas of interest, and much more). According to Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO, the mobile Web is growing eight times faster than the first wave of online Internet adoption. And consider this fact from Google – 85 percent of Americans are never more than three feet from their cell phones!

Customers carry their smartphones everywhere and use them regularly to make immediate decisions and to take quick action. The very nature of consumer behavior mandates that your business have a mobile presence so you’re accessible anytime/anywhere your customers need you.

Quick access
Typically, mobile website visitors are looking for quick access to your business. They want a phone number, a contact form so they can leave a message, your hours of operation, directions to your business, coupons, menu choices and pricing.​​

Leverage mobile Internet traffic
Having a mobile website makes your company easily accessible to a growing mobile audience. Many consumers make travel arrangements or restaurant reservations exclusively by mobile phone. Don’t give customers-on-the-run an excuse to browse elsewhere.​​

Mobile websites are device independent
Mobile websites reach all audiences no matter what smartphone they use. Every smartphone has a browser – so users can immediately find you on the mobile web.

​​Easy for mobile users to read your content
Websites designed for the desktop/laptop don’t work well on mobile devices. Asking your users to pinch and zoom to read your content is unnecessary and dilutes your message. A mobile-ready site makes finding answer to questions quick, easy and friendly.

Your competition
If your competition has a mobile website, you need one as soon as possible too – or risk losing your customers to businesses with a mobile presence.

Make a bolder statement and stronger brand impression
Your business has likely invested significant dollars and resources into branding … so don’t let that go to waste with a sloppy mobile presentation.

Higher search rankings
A business with both a mobile-friendly website and a standard site enjoys a distinct advantage over businesses that do not have a mobile site. Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Yellow Pages and other search engines and directories rank mobile-optimized businesses higher than their competition.

Mobile websites are not only important to provide greater usability though, there are many more reasons why having a mobile version of your website is becoming vital:

Faster loading times – This is a particularly important aspect of mobile websites to consider. The majority of mobile web browsing is obviously carried out on the move, where users have significantly slower 3G & 4G based connection speeds available. Having a SMALLER mobile site with LESS CONTENT and SMALLER IMAGES will help reduce these loading times greatly.

Search Engine Performance – Google has its own separate index for MOBILE SITES. Those companies who adopted mobile websites in the past stood a much better chance of higher page rankings in a much less competitive search. Now though, as more and more mobile websites appear, you are actually reducing the chances of your website appearing in search results by not supplying a SEPARATE MOBILE WEBSITE. Not a web site template that converts to mobile.

Compatibility – Ensuring your website appears and performs in the same way on all of the major desktop based browsers has always been a topic of huge importance to web developers and designers alike. The rise of mobile browsing has only helped to increase the importance of this issue. There are hundreds of smartphones out there, each with differing screen sizes, resolutions and technology support. Relying on your desktop website to perform correctly on these mobile devices can be seen as hopeful and naive at best. A heavily flash based website is unlikely to be at all usable on the iPhone for example. A simple and concise mobile website ensures your website will perform perfectly on all platforms. SILVER VALLEY WEB has perfected the MOBILE WEBSITE.